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Surrendering to Success

Surrendering to Success is a three part programme that takes you through a series of processes that clarifies your own sense of direction, purpose and meaning, realises and releases your resistance to that pathway and then imprints upon your unconscious mind who you truly are, giving direct impressions into your mind that give you a self referencing access to your potential.

Once you understand and experience this, then you have a permanent access to a strategy that releases and transforms the energy that was locked up in you in any aspect of your life that you want to grow in.

£497 +vat over 3 sessions

Success DNA

This is an in depth process that requires commitment and application of what can be intense work. It has to be this way in order to install consistent instructuions, actions and beleifs into the unconciuos, so that the overall sense of self evolves into a permanent and integral aspect of who you really are and energises you in a way that causes significant changes in your outcomes and ultimate defined success.

The course consists of weekly coaching calls, along with materials and course work over a three month period.

 £2,997 + vat (Surrendering to Success is Included)

Making It Happen

Setting goals is a necessity and yet most people who set them, then simply end up with an enlightened notebook!

‘Making It Happen’ first has you create goals that are meaningful and deeply personal to you, then over a period of three months build in actions and accountability that in turn create the consistent habits required to generate success.

This is a three month programme Intention, Goals, Actions, Habits, Accountability. Live Group Sessions and Ongoing Support.

You must complete ‘Surrendering to Success’ before doing ‘Making It Happen’

  £397 + vat or £150 per month + vat for 3 months

Master Mind Set

Having the support ‘outside of your own head’ to hold you on track, energise and inspire you when you need it, as well as having coaching and the company of like minded high performance entrepreneurs means you have a place where you can discuss openly thoughts, plans, concerns, goals and visions by people who will support you on your journey because that is what they need and benefit from the group too.

‘MasterMindSet’ benefits are a group of like minded people all dialled into the same thinking, max 12 in a group, monthly group coaching, access to coaches, online support, meet up sessions, accountability. 

     £497 + vat per month Or £5,000 + vat per year


We have been coaching using our unique DNA Process and Two on One Coaching format and are proud and delighted of what our clients have achieved. However, we have had to address the limitations that this format put on us in terms of helping more people. As a consequence we have spent the last few months, behind the scenes, re-shaping our business in order that we can help far more people, for far less cost in a mutually time effective way ….and we’ve done it!

The result is our new Undercover Entrepreneur Membership!

This is a space where you receive an unprecedented level of support, coaching and new thinking not just from us but from a vibrant community of people. The path this will take you along will result in you implementing everything needed to create. launch and build a business that you are truly proud of.

Whether you feel that there is a business inside you but cannot articulate the idea (yet!) or you are clear, focused and ready to get going, or have already started your new venture but would appreciate guidance from those who have gone before you and those who are also on that journey, then Undercover Entrepreneur Membership is 100% for you!