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Why “Undercover” Entrepreneur?

It comes as no surprise to hear that a business is as good as its potential, right? The surprise is that this is only half true, at best.

Whilst most think the potential is the business idea itself the potential lies firstly in the person. After all, where do you think the idea came from?

Undercover Entrepreneur is the only business coaching company that to access FULL potential, simultaneously mentoring the business whilst coaching the person, congruently aligning the individual with the business, is the only way to achieve it.

Simply “working harder” is not going to produce a vibrant business. Uncovering your unconscious blocks will, (which is “ why Undercover  Entrepreneur”) and in a staggering 100% of our client cases, we have demonstrated this to be the case with our unique DNA Process. (See DNA Process for more details and responses.)


If there was a process that meant significantly increasing the chances of business success even before the venture began, anyone serious about succeeding would incorporate that process into their overall approach.

This is why each member of our private client list has enrolled our unprecedented approach to gain consistent and powerful shifts in their understanding of their own perspective not just of their business but of how their personal beliefs and paradigms are impacting on their results either before they have begun or from what they have already produced. This is due to our unique parallel approach of mentoring the business and coaching the entrepreneur.

So, whether you are already an entrepreneur or a “would be” entrepreneur looking to make your first move we will help you to design, create and build a profitable and rewarding enterprise based around you and what causes you to fully engage.

As we progress we ensure that both the technical / business building journey and the personal emotional journey to becoming an entrepreneur are supported and coached unlike any other coaching business.


Consider this; most people think that a business is formed from an idea. This is not true. A business is formed out of an impulse, a feeling, an indication within the individual, like a flashing light on the dashboard, telling them that they want something more out of life, that they want to grow, to stretch, to live life in a more engaged way.

Whilst this may be sponsored by an event that may seem to force a decision, such as a redundancy, the fact you are now entertaining the idea of going into business proves it. Otherwise you would be looking for another job.

The question and the skill therefore comes from listening to and interpreting what that impulse is telling you. This is where we know with total certainty that your journey with Undercover Entrepreneur is going to be a fascinating experience because its not about your business without it being about You, who you are, what matters to you and how that gets expressed.

This is why we go searching for your DNA to discover with you, your true Undercover Entrepreneur (and we ALWAYS find it.) Even if you are already running a business you will go through our DNA process because there is ALWAYS something that has gone unnoticed that gives you an access to make building your business a deeply satisfying experience.

Knowing the reason why our clients want to set up a business is fundamental to our approach, to the point that we don’t work with anyone who does not go through our DNA process.

The reason for this is the easiest thing to explain. If your business has no meaning for you then, as far as we are concerned, it not only holds no interest for us but, more importantly, it holds little interest for you and so the likelihood of its succeeding is minimal.

Even if it did succeed in making a profit, if you have spent years working on something that holds no depth for the individual, then at what price has that profit been extracted?

A business is not just a vehicle that makes a profit, it is as much an expression of the person who set it up, as a building is an expression of an architect.

This is why we are so fascinated in the person as much as the business.

eq & iq

By now you can understand how our approach of simultaneously mentoring the business whilst coaching the individual sets Undercover Entrepreneur makes us unique in the coaching world.

So at this stage, it is now appropriate to explain why it is so necessary and so powerful As you are aware, we operate from accessing the potential of the business and the individual. What is truly fascinating is that a totally different way of looking at this ends up at precisely the same place, affirming why we do what we do. Another way of understanding this is by understanding that the potential in both are the ultimate resources to tap into. Why this is A part of this is to recognise that it is a combination of business acumen we do this is by making our clients consciously aware of their intellect (IQ) and their emotional literacy (EQ).

This is important for a number of reasons, not least that when these two are in balance, the level of personal satisfaction is significantly increased.

However, one of the key distinctions that enables success is the capacity that the entrepreneur has for dealing with the ups the downs, the disappointments and the pushing through to new levels of performance, thinking and all round functioning. This then enables to build from a consistent level of thinking and application to all areas of the business.

To ensure that this is handled on an ongoing basis, therefore, requires an ever growing commitment to becoming self aware… otherwise the individual leaves themselves wide open to unconscious patterns, triggers and potentially sabotage.

With the two diametrically opposed positions of the two business principles our clients get the highest standards of “duality coaching”.

Carl Pate, with his background in finance, accounting and business systems is deeply pragmatic in his linear approach.

Paul Hornsey-Pennell comes from the highly intuitive, instinctive, creative and non linear approach.

The two combined giving a mind blowing approach that reveals a vast array of assets the business possesses in the potential of those involved.

What is truly fascinating is that we all have an EQ/IQ relationship and we are each biased one way or the other. However, what begins to happen in every case is that the individual begins to access a different way of thinking or feeling about their business and suddenly, energy, creativity and a sense of consistent resolve to “got through the gears” occurs as the client begins to access increasing levels of awareness about their capability.

Monthly coaching programmes ensure that this is kept in a state of growth with a particular focus on clearing out of the way all the baggage that will inevitably come at the entrepreneur.

For the record, once you have made a commitment to act on a new plan, it is impossible that “stuff” is NOT going to confront the individual. It has to because this is precisely the process of growth in action and demonstrates perfectly why having support that is experienced in clearing “stuff” out of the way is a huge asset, managing the individual’s process of growth and moving them ever closer to ultimate success.

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