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Undercover Entrepreneur Membership

We have been coaching using our unique DNA Process and Two on One Coaching format and are proud and delighted of what our clients have achieved. However, we have had to address the limitations that this format put on us in terms of helping more people. As a consequence we have spent the last few months, behind the scenes, re-shaping our business in order that we can help far more people, for far less cost in a mutually time effective way ….and we’ve done it!

The result is our brand new Undercover Entrepreneur Membership!

This is a space where you receive an unprecedented level of support, coaching and new thinking not just from us but from a vibrant community of people. The path this will take you along will result in you implementing everything needed to create. launch and build a business that you are truly proud of.

Whether you feel that there is a business inside you but cannot articulate the idea (yet!) or you are clear, focused and ready to get going, or have already started your new venture but would appreciate guidance from those who have gone before you and those who are also on that journey, then Undercover Entrepreneur Membership is 100% for you!

What do You Get from the Undercover Entrepreneur Membership?

  • Access to our amazing Membership Hub which will provide you with unparalleled levels of support
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group where you can interact with ourselves and our amazing Community of Undercover Entrepreneurs
  • New content added every week by way of:
    • Masterclasses
    • Webinars
    • Interactive Zoom Calls
    • Expert Interviews
    • Live Q&A
    • Assessments
    • Quizes
    • And much much more……


For a limited number of spaces only…….

Access to our comprehensive Undercover Entrepreneur Success Path Course, where we will take you on an incredible journey into the world of entrepreneurialism covering:-

Module 0: Introduction


In this section, we offer some advice on how best to approach this programme and also introduce you to our unique way of coaching as you begin to explore the adjacent worlds of EQ and IQ. You will likely identify more with one but as you progress, expect the characteristics of the “other side” to develop, as your thinking and your feelings begin to align generating greater capacity from your Undercover Entrepreneur!


Module 1: Idea, Vision & Why


Understanding the significance of these 3 aspects is as important as the idea itself as is also knowing that there is no “perfect” starting place, it’s simply where you are, right now, on your journey. Your Undercover Entrepreneur will reveal itself when it’s good and ready!


Module 2: Identity of an Entrepreneur


BEING an entrepreneur isn’t by any means an “instant” thing, in terms of identifying as one. Whilst it takes the time it takes to get to that point, that realisation happens in a moment when you just KNOW you are. HOW you know is often a momentary sense of thrill as you realise how immersed you are in an aspect of your business and the deep satisfaction that comes from that. At that point, you have stepped across that threshold and you never want to go back as your Undercover Entrepreneur embraces every challenge with relish!


Module 3: Ready to Get Ready


Understanding that this process is not about “getting it right” but it is about “getting it out there” and then developing and evolving your business as it happens. In this section, Carl offers some key advice for his fellow “IQers”! because owning a company isn’t just a legal aspect, (IQ) which is easy. It’s when you own it emotionally that you give yourself “permission” to step up and truly start this process with an immense amount or pride and passion (EQ). This starts right now and is the key component to “getting ready” This is where your Undercover Entrepreneur gets to step forward and take the lead!


Module 4: Business Launch


THIS is where the rubber meets the road and will be the first time you get to bring your Undercover Entrepreneur out into the public domain! Carl’s favourite phrase “ready, fire, aim!” is what this section is all about as your entrepreneurial journey enters the most exciting phase … getting your business out there! A KEY piece of advice, don’t try and “do it right” … just do it messy! THIS IS IT!


Module 5: Growth


In our 5th and final section having launched your business, growth is something you have to be aware of in terms of both the business and YOU! Knowing what creates growth is therefore essential and that’s what we discuss in these sections. We cover, how to ensure your business can handle growth and all that this entails (finance, staff etc) whilst alongside it, developing your Undercover Entrepreneur’s capacity to manage the business, the people in the business and your own range of abilities … including when to know to get out of the way!

A Peak Inside

Take a peak inside our unique Membership Hub and it’s ‘Awesome’ search facility.

The video is taken from one of the many Facebook Lives that are filmed. You will never be alone on your journey !!!!

If you would like to try the look and feel of our Membership Hub before you commit to our course!! Check out our free mini course ‘Discovering Your Undercover Entrepreneur’.

Here you will find 10 videos discussing EQ IQ, Your State of Mind & The Covid Effect to name just a few….

How to Join

To get started and join the Undercover Entrepreneur Membership simply decide whether you want to pay monthly or take advantage of a two month discount and pay the annual fee up front.  Click the link below and you will be taken to our secure check out page.  Once your subscription is set up you will receive an e-mail with a link to our exclusive membership hub.  Select a user name and password and that’s it! 

You are now an Undercover Entrepreneur. 

You will be given access to all of our premium courses and content and your entrepreneurial journey is underway.

If you are already a member of Undercover Entrepreneur you will need to login before you can check out, click here to take you to our login page, if you can’t remember your password give us a quick shout and we will re-set it.


 Now watch this short video where Paul will talk you through what has been going on with us and why we are giving you such an amazing deal!

Only 100 places available for the founder member offer...dont miss out..!!!


Affiliate Program

If you would like to become an affiliate member of Undercover Entrepreneur then please click on Registration below. If you are already part of the team please click  to sign in.