In this book you will learn all about The 5 Pillars of Awesome:-

  • Habit – Learn how to create good habits and get rid of bad habits
  • Alignment – Look inside yourself and start to take control of your life
  • Balance – Not just work-life balance – “Whole Life Balance”
  • Integration – Learn how to really Make Sh#!t Happen
  • Tracking – Find out how to condition all of this into your life for the long term

Catch the Wave – Transform Your Life

With forecasts of a 120,000,000 job “wipe out” in the UK & USA and 1 Billion jobs worldwide, “Surfing the Techno-Tsunami” offers insightful answers to possibly the biggest economic and social crisis in our history.

As the book explores the work from home, internet marketing models that are already creating quality lifestyles in the new economy, the irony is that it raises the question, “tsunami or not, who needs a job anyway?”


Daily Life Tracker has been designed with you in mind. Its sole purpose is to help you set attainable, realistic goals and then manage and track them day-by-day. By doing this, you’ll be able to see your progress and also track the changes in your life and how changes affect you from day-to-day.


The 5 Pillars of Awesome

With over 20 hours of on-line content this is the most comprehensive course that you will find on personal productivity.  Carl Pate took 3 decades of study and practical implementation of cutting edge time and life management techniques and strategies and consolidated them into what he calls “The 5 Pillars of Awesome”.  You can read all about it the book, Making Shit Happen, but if you really want to master this subject Carl will take you on a deep dive into every aspect of taking back control of your life, and bringing your dreams into reality. This course is both motivational and practical in equal measure. The 5 Pillars are:- Habit Alignment Balance Integration Tracking The first 3 Pillars (Habit, Alignment and Balance) work on the individual.  These are the foundational Pillars which, when mastered, will provide the solid foundation on which to build everything else.  It is this approach that makes this the only time management course that you will ever need to take.  The fourth Pillar, Integration, is where you will learn the tips, tricks and strategies that will get you the results that you desires faster than you ever thought possible.  The final Pillar, Tracking, provides the icing on the cake!  This is where you will learn how to engrain all of the techniques that you learned on the rest of the course into your life.  We will also introduce you to Daily Life Tracker, our unique life management software that will allow you to implement every aspect of this and every other course that you have ever done into your life.  A bold statement – but one that we whole heartedly stand by.

I’ll See It When I Believe It


Making Shit Happen

In his first career, Carl Pate, was part of a Management Buy Out team that purchased a business that was on its knees, losing £166m in the 5 years prior to purchase (£65m in the year of purchase) for £1. The team turned this business around in three years and then to exited the deal a few years later for an equity value of multiple 8 figures. This is one of those stories that we have all heard of but very few have ever been involved in. In this course, Carl takes you through the whole 12 year journey and pulls out all of the key lessons that were learned along the way. This, in itself, is a unique opportunity to delve into every business lesson that you can imagine, but we take it one stage further. Alongside this Paul Hornsey-Pennell adds his own insightful take on what was going on in the minds of the 4 business owners and entrepreneurs. Amongst many topics we will explore:- • how you can spot an opportunity even in the most dire of circumstances • how to build a balanced team that can, not only turn a business around, but can also run it and build from it • how to build long lasting dynamic relationships • how to buy and sell businesses • how to raise funds • how to face the music when things go wrong and how to work your way out of it • the power of leadership • how to create a monumental exit strategy that works • how to be an Undercover Entrepreneur….. If you have ever wondered what it takes to buy a business for £1 and sell it for tens of millions this course is for you.



This is a course of courses!!  Our unique SECRET Trail will take you start to finish through the entrepreneurial journey.

We start with the Study. Our Initial Investigation Identifier will help you to get super clear about what your business is all about and why you are doing it. Once the idea is clearly formed our Entrepreneurial Evolution programme will enable you to identify the type of entrepreneur that you are. This is critical, because it is from this that your identity is formed. If you are an introvert trying to put on an extrovert front it will never work, so we will help you to get very clear on this too. Then we will get down to the nuts and bolts, bringing consistency to the table – which is the difference that makes the difference. Too many people dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that. Once you have been through this programme you will be a master in the art and science of consistency. Now we can get into the business with our Operational Business Blueprint. What does it take to make your business work and what does it take to make it grow? And no business course is complete without a thorough understanding of the economics of how it all works. Carl spent almost 3 decades in senior financial roles including 16 as CFO of a major clothing manufacturer, so he is highly qualified to take you on this journey. Finally The Transition Trajectory Model is designed to take you from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be. Whether you are desperate to get out of your job and step into the world of the entrepreneur or you are already an entrepreneur looking to move to a new level, this is where your transformation begins.