On this Live Webinar you will be introduced to our unique EQ-IQ approach to business.

What does this mean?

EQ (Emotional Quotient) represents the right side of the brain, that part which is more creative and, yes you guessed it Emotional.

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is the left side of the brain which deals with logic and reasoning.

We all sit somewhere on this spectrum.  We all have both within us.  But we will have a predominance towards one side or the other. The challenge is that both are right, but because of the predominant element we, as human beings, will try to make one right and consequently, the other wrong.

So why is this important?

When you are an entrepreneur you will spend a lot of time on your own.  The conversation going on in your head will often drive you to despair because of the EQ-IQ battle.  At Undercover Entrepreneur we have a unique balance of coaching support in Carl Pate and Paul Hornsey-Pennell.  Carl sits very much on the IQ side of the spectrum and Paul sits equally far over the to EQ side. In this webinar they will take that internal conversation and have it out loud.  You will soon realise that the balance between these two elements is not only fascinating but critical to the success of your business.  When you get the balance wrong you move yourself further into the 85% of first year business failures.  But if you are willing to listen and understand the differences your chances of success increase dramatically.