Two On One Coaching

If you are going to do something new, with little personal reference, then harnessing the experience of those who have successfully traversed this journey is the second wisest decision you can make.  The first wisest decision was to create your own business.

Without professional support in these ventures, the failure and death rates would be headlining the news every night.  And yet most people who start a new business run headlong into it without any support and advise from people who have been there and done it. Is it surprising that 85% of these business fail in the first year?  You would never accept an 85% failure rate for sky diving or bungee jumping, and yet so many people blindly put their financial lives in the hands of fate and wonder why they go crashing to earth and need to return to their “job”.

At undercover Entrepreneur we don’t do One on One Coaching, we do Two on One Coaching. This means that you get the best support possible from two highly experienced businessmen and entrepreneurs Carl Pate and Paul Hornsey-Pennell


The short answer is to save time, save money, increase revenue and decrease risk.

Jim Rohn, the business philosopher, said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. He was relating to the “Law of Averages” which is the theory that the result of any given situation will be the average of all outcomes.

Consider this when it comes to your business support team.

The support that you surround yourself with, needs to be at the highest level that you can find offering a result that justifies the investment.

However, not only does the experience need to be of the highest level, the approach to coaching needs to be easily transferrable into action AND deal with the two aspects that make up every business, namely, the business and the person/ people running the business.

Why Work With Undercover Entrepreneur

Imagine being able to be plug into the experience and knowledge of someone who had the insight to see (and buy) a business that was losing £160 million, turning over £0.25 billion and turned it around to sell it for multiple 8 figures.

Imagine being able to develop a mindset that can handle a crisis of an unexpected £20 million tax bill whilst opening up the business overseas!

Imagine being able to sell out the entire UK in 24 hours!

Imagine being able to learn, develop and build a mindset by a coach who has created multiple millionaires along the way.

All this as well as a profound understanding of finance and your relationship with money itself, are what you have access to working with Undercover Entrepreneur.

To be blatant, the experience that exists between the two principal coaches, is on a level that few others have operated at or resulted in the level of success that we have generated.

The results speak for themselves, as they also will for your venture.

When it comes to the individual’s “mindset” side, the fascinating aspect of this, is that, without intervention, the outcome of a business is determined even before your first day of trading.

Ask yourself, wouldn’t you want to know that beforehand, so that you can stack the odds massively in your favour?

However, this is not the only reason. The experience and background of the two principle coaches is so different in style and approach that it has resulted in a “synergistic”

Approach unlike any other.

As mentioned earlier there are the two aspects that make up every business, namely, the business and the person/people running the business and given that the business can only go as far as the individual running it, if the intention is to grow the business, it is therefore essential to grow the individual.

With that in mind, we created our unique synergistic process of addressing both aspects by focusing on EQ and IQ at the same time.